Portrait of a Graduate

Well-Rounded |  Innovative  |  Compassionate  |   Resilient  |  Confident

A primary goal of the strategic planning process was to create a ‘Portrait of a Graduate’ for the Smithville School District. A Portrait of a Graduate describes a school district’s holistic vision for the skills, character traits, and social-emotional competencies that students will need to succeed not only in college and their careers, but also in life.

The creation of the Smithville School District Portrait of a Graduate was a two-step process. Participants at the Future of Learning in Smithville Think-Tank (November 2022) brainstormed the potential characteristics of the ideal Portrait of a Graduate for Smithville students. Volunteers then met in December as a small group to develop the descriptive characteristics and narrative that now depict the Smithville School District Portrait of a Graduate.


For more information about the Smithville School District Strategic Action Planning Project, please contact:

Michelle Kratofil, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services
Smithville School District
Phone: 816-532-0406 ext. 7622
Email: kratofim@smithville.k12.mo.us
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