Happiness relating to living in Moab

Respondents were asked about how happy they were about living in Moab. They were asked:
“How happy are you about living in Moab?”
Scale: -5 = Very unhappy; 0 = Neutral; +5 = Very happy

Key things to note:

  • Overall, respondents were on the scale of happy to very happy regarding living in Moab.
  • Respondents who had lived and worked in Moab for 0-5 years and 6-10 years were better represented in the Very Happy end of the scale.
  • Respondents who had lived in Moab for a longer period of time were represented nearer to the 2 – 3 end of the scale
  • Respondents who spent 3-6 months living in Moab seemed to be those most happy at living in Moab.


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