Steering Committee

The following individuals make up the LSCOG Strategic Action Plan Steering Committee. 

This dedicated group will meet monthly throughout the project and serve as ambassadors of the project and provide guidance throughout the 7 month process.

The 2024-2025 Board of Directors consists of the following individuals:

  • William Molnar
    Executive Director, LSCOG

  • Nora Sanders
    Assistant Executive Director, LSCOG

  • Andre Anderson
    Workforce Development Administrator, LSCOG
  • Ashley Baker
    Assistant Finance Director, LSCOG

  • Christine Chandler
    Transit Manager, LSCOG
  • Emory Langston
    Planning, Community and Economic Development Administrator, LSCOG
  • Mary Ann Keisler
    Director of Tourism, LSCOG

  • Danny Feagin
    Aiken County Council

  • Theresa H. Taylor
    Allendale County Council