The Strategic Action Plan aims to position the Lower Savannah Council of Governments (LSCOG) organization on a continued path of future growth and development.

LSCOG is one of ten regional planning organizations in South Carolina (SCCOGs) which coordinates cooperative development among local governments. Regional planning organizations are associations of local governments that seek regional solutions for common problems. LSOG programs are divided among six divisions:

  • Administration
  • Aging, Disability and Transportation Resources Center
  • Housing
  • Planning, Community and Economic Development
  • Tourism
  • Workforce Development

Methodological Approach

It is our firm belief that a successful strategic planning process is based on three primary principles: It is future oriented, data driven, and people focused.

The ‘future orientation’ is particularly important to take account of rapidly emerging social and technological trends related to global health and well-being.

The ‘data driven’ ensures the plan is built on solid research, public input, and information, and is measurable.

The ‘people focused’ is important to build support for the plan and to harness the best possible input into the strategic planning process.