Think-Tank Workshops

The Think-Tank was an exciting step in planning for economic development in Littleton!

The Think-Tank process was conducted in two highly participatory workshop sessions that produced a preferred future scenario validated by its participants.

The scenario-based Think-Tank is a tool to gain better understanding of the priorities and goals that contribute to the creation of effective strategies and actions. The goal of Littleton’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is to strengthen the city’s economy over the next ten years. A range of plausible future scenarios were developed to act as a testing ground to assess resilience and consequences.

Think-Tank Session 1

The first part of the Think-Tank was held in the afternoon of Monday, July 17. The Think-Tank consisted of a presentation of macro trends that could impact the city, followed by key driver identification, build out of the drivers, and ranking of the individual drivers.

Think-Tank Session 2

The second part of the Think-Tank was held in the morning of Tuesday, July 18. The Think—Tank included scenario narrative development, scenario presentations, plausibility mapping of the Least Desired, Expected, and Preferred Futures for economic development in Littleton, and high-level strategy development.

Think-Tank Report

“I found it eye-opening how such a big group can come down to such a defined outlook.”

Hear from Laurie Womer, Associate Director – South Metro at the Aurora-South Metro Small Business Development Center, and other Think-Tank attendees in this video.