The Greater Mankato Regional Vision and Action Plan will be used to guide regional leaders in their planning over the next 10 years. The objective of the visioning process is to identify a common vision for the future of the region and to encourage collective strategic action towards that vision.

Methodological Approach

A successful visioning process is based on three primary principles: It is future oriented, data driven, and people focused. The ‘future orientation’ is particularly important to take account of rapidly emerging social and technological trends. The ‘data driven’ ensures the plan is built on solid research, public input, and information, and is measurable. The ‘people focused’ is important to build support for the vision for the region, and to harness the best possible input into the visioning process.


For more information about Greater Mankato’s Regional Planning Project, please contact:

Jessica Beyer,
President and CEO
Greater Mankato Growth, Inc.
3 Civic Center Plaza
Mankato, MN 56001
Phone: 507-385-6640
Email: jbeyer@greatermankato.com