Overview - Community Survey

Engagement is the cornerstone of the visioning process. Key to effective community stakeholder engagement is building momentum and excitement around the vision as it is created. Data collection from surveys provides an inclusive process and a comprehensive understanding of stakeholder views and where points of consensus lie.

This project uses the project portal to collect and display survey results once collected. This approach provides a fun and interactive way to give transparent feedback to regional stakeholders while at the same time exploring issues and views across the Greater Mankato regional ecosystem. Future iQ developed the portal platform to provide a people-focused, data-driven approach to visioning and key issue analysis. Please take the Greater Mankato Regional Community Stakeholder Survey #1 at the next pull down on this tab.


Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. (GMG) is leading this initiative. They are partnering with the consultancy firm of Future iQ to develop a new vision for the Greater Mankato region.

John Kind, Interim President and Chief Executive Officer
Greater Mankato Growth, Inc.
Phone: 507-385-6645
Email: jkind@greatermankato.com

David Beurle Chief Executive Officer
Future iQ
Phone: 612-757-9190
Email: david@future-iq.com