Phase One Report

The Phase One report has now been published. This report documents the collective development of Shared Vision, Mission, Core Values and high-level Strategic Priorities. This work has been accomplished with outstanding industry input, with close to 4,000 people who have participated. This participation has been widespread, with good representation geographically and across industry experience, types of practices and different schools of thought. The Phase One of the Future of Chiropractic Strategic Visioning and Planning project has achieved some very clear direction and mandate to now move on and develop a bold strategic plan. There is strong data-driven support for the high-level vision, mission, values and strategic priorities. This has been validated with dedicated focus groups, interviews and stakeholder sessions. This outcome positions the profession well to now move to Phase 2, which is the development of an agreed strategic action plan.


For more information about the Future of Chiropractic strategic visioning and planning project, please contact:

Elizabeth Klein, Executive Director
Congress of Chiropractic State Associations
Phone: (503) 922-2933