Topic 7: Promotion, messaging and advocacy

Promotion, messaging and advocacy

"How can the profession promote and advocate for what it does and can do for patients using a cohesive messaging campaign?”

Future Perceptions Survey respondents highlighted promotion of the profession as key to acceptance and political power. Without requiring practice uniformity, the profession could foster collaboration and enact strong legislative action if it promoted and advocated for itself under the umbrella of a single profession. How could the profession accomplish a unified message while at the same time respecting different practice styles and philosophies?

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“How can the profession promote and advocate for itself using a cohesive messaging campaign?”

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Catchy, however, pain is not an accepted diagnosis to document the need for chiro care in NYS. Also, pain is very broad and consists of a socioeconomic and psychogenic component. I agree that DCs do the best job of handling musculoskeletal pain for patients. My prof. DiGiaccomo at NYCC used to drill into us that patient’s “come to you for pain, doctors, pain. ” Furthermore, we can help decrease the opiod crisis by offering a drug-free protocol.

We have to first agree on a definition of the profession. Then we need to funnel resources into creating a national campaign to promote the profession in a manner that exposes a wider base of what we are capable of doing, not just tight-casting us as one particular specialists over another.

Answer the question what is a chiropractor instead of what Can a chiropractor do first. Everyone knows what a McDonalds hamburger looks and tastes like and what a McDonalds hamber is. Everyone knows what an advocado looks like and what an avocado is. While the profession defines itself as what it treats the image will be splintered. A definition that begins where the profession began, Subluxation, and continues where the profession continues, Brain and Nervous System, it can be inclusive of those who limit themselves to treating small parts like: pain ( sensory nerves), physical injuries ( MSK), spine care (MSK), addiction(Brain) the list could go on forever.

Message is everything. We need a unified message saying that we are musculoskeletal experts. This means that we are trustworthy and we know our stuff. We can handle tough cases and get results.

This message is only true if it is verified by research. Pour money into significant research that gets talked about in major scientific journals and Good Morning America. Pour lots of money and effort into research that shows how we are critical to health care.

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