Topic 6: Professional Healthcare Practitioners/Workforce

Professional Healthcare Practitioners/Workforce

"How do you think the profession can support a healthy interest in attracting skilled individuals to chiropractic?”

Future Perceptions Survey respondents highlighted issues of competing professions and low salaries for new DCs as threats to attracting highly skilled individuals to the chiropractic profession. What steps do you think could be taken to maintain a healthy interest in the chiropractic profession?

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“How can the profession support a healthy interest in attracting skilled individuals to chiropractic?”

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Resident training programs within medical organizations, such as Federally Qualified Health Centers, the VA system, and the military that lead to board certification as a chiropractic specialist with a career pathway and student loan forgiveness.

To attract and interest someone in becoming a Chiropractor you first must be excited to share that you are a chiropractor and excited to be a chiropractor. Sure some are only interested in money, but do you really want that to be the prime motivator of future chiropractors. The more successful a chiropractor can be the more excited they will be to invite others to do what they do. Sure some may not want competition , but those are not truly successful. Return chiropractic education to focus on what makes us unique to drive down cost. Instead of talking about conditions that can be improved with our profession talk about why they improve to change the perception of chiropractic as we have in NY. Keep driving up utilization of chiropractic by not competing by by differentiating. And the interest in becoming a chiropractor will rise. Keep modeling the profession after other professions and I don’t see why anyone would want to be a chiropractor instead of the profession it is modeled after.

I taught as an adjunct in a kinesiology department at a Division I university. Chiropractic was never mentioned in their curriculum. We aren’t in their textbooks or the recommendations that are made for care. No where! We must exist in their educational process. We need to contribute to textbooks and recommendation of care platforms.
Our students need to be in hospitals and part of interdisciplinary training. Our profession will benefit and so will others.

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