Topic 3: Professional Unification

Professional unification

“What do you think can be done to overcome the current divisions within the chiropractic profession to enable unification?”

The Future Perceptions survey highlighted that Professional Unification is a topic that could have a strong positive impact on the profession, but that overall, the industry was not well prepared for this, or there are headwinds. Over 80% of respondents said there are real barriers to professional unification (using a definition for unification as a mechanism to enable consistent collaboration, not uniformity). Unification of the chiropractic profession is an opportunity to enable the profession to speak with one voice and to advocate for legislation that benefits chiropractors as a whole. To remain divided will potentially prevent the profession from gaining the acceptance and recognition it needs to survive in the long-term. How should unification be encouraged and accomplished?

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“How do you think professional unification can best be encouraged and accomplished?”
This discussion board community is intended to spark forward-looking discussions, and aid in developing the focal points for interactive events with facilitators. We invite you to share your thoughts and ideas, in a forward-looking manner. Posts that specifically reference or are intentionally divisive and/or overtly negative towards any individual or organization, or intended as a barrier-building “history lesson”, may be blocked. We thank you for your participation and your thoughtful, forward-looking thoughts and insights!


You don’t need to attack someone who’s philosophy is different than your own. Whether you practice relief care or womb to tomb it is valid and beneficial to humanity.

Without unity of purpose and mural respect, this profession will not survive.
I was dismayed to read the last page of a recent magazine that they and others in our profession were rallying around a female chiro who had been shut down by her state health department for failure to enforce facial masks mandates during the current Covid 19 pandemic. This grave lack of compliance with public health mandates shames us all. We are digging our own graves, some of us literally, like this chiro who thinks beating her civil liberty drum/ G-d and innate will provide attitude. Science has proven that herd immunity actions are way too deadly to be useful in Covid 19 response. This is not the Chicken pox!

As a profession, we need a professional constitution-Patient Bill of Rights, that we can all support and abide by so that we can show unity, and develop cultural authority and gain purchasing power for utilities such as health insurance and office equipment.

Stop all extremism! Agree to momentarily disagree to accomplish a goal that benefits the growth And strength of our entire profession .
Have a unified voice in public or government,etc negotiation ,then curse each other in private! Your way is NOT the only way! We are entitled to use The gift of our trade according the appropriate territorial definition of our CHIROPRACTIC PRACTICE ACT.
If we are within the law and helping living beings the MOST efficiently then we need to tolerate those fellow practitioners irregardless of the techniques used ,and irregardless what the fee is.
When you save a life,you are worth any fee you charge.

The devision is part of our profession.
It has been this day, since the Early days of DD, BJ and the other Chiropractors.
We are unique in being able to see other angles.
We also teach each other.

There is so much division in the world today especially in the United States. It is frustrating to see the division and it is only getting worse. First step needs to be an understanding of each side.

Chiropractors are trained in 2 primary skills: diagnosis and adjustment. There is a significant tendency to underemphasize the former, particularly in continuing education. If we were required to reemphasize diagnosis by retaking a board exam every ten years, it would reunify the profession around a skill we already possess, increase our standing with public, and reiterate our commitment to science.

Like political bipartisanship, chiropractic professional unification is as elusive as a unicorn. Unity is only possible around a shared goal, concept, or construct. The chiropractic profession has always had divisions: straights vs mixers, insurance vs cash, therapeutic vs wellness. Perhaps the focus should be on the recognition and acceptance of those divisions as an attainable goal, rather than the ceaseless and fruitless efforts to force all of us to unify.

Ralph, we just need to mature. We should understand that we could and should have a large umbrella that many different ideas and treatment could shelter under. Instead, we insist that one thinks only as I do, and the rest of the world thinks we are insane.

Richard, I do not agree that it is a matter of maturity. It is a matter of recognition that there are within our profession several groups with different and sometimes irreconcilable constructs, goals, and needs. Although historically that has meant conflict, it does not have to be that way. For example, those DCs who wish to eliminate vertebral subluxation correction from our lexicon and practice in favor of a more orthopedic lexicon and practice often end up in conflict with those who seek to maintain the VSC focus. If we acknowledged the separation as distinct entities we would be able to move forward without either side having to force “unity” as if only one of those constructs were the valid one. I know I find it hard to support (although I do as a full dues paying and PAC member) my state association when the majority focus of its efforts and finances are to directed toward improving the situation for only one of those constructs – the orthopedic insurance based one.

Chiropractic is like the dysfunctional family and we like to air our dirty laundry. Until we agree to disagree on some things (e.g. some feeling that you’re not a true chiropractor unless you’re a chiropracTOR) we are will continue to become stale bread and will eventually be extinct like a T-Rex.

Unity has to start at the college level. All colleges should sign an agreement to get on the same page. To encourage people to explore their own personal approach to chiropractic as they feel fit. And to not bash those who don’t think like they do. Until we start that from day 1 of chiropractic school and repeat it over, and over, and over to drive the point home (a different type of “TIC” talk)…we’ll be having this same conversation 100 years from now (if chiropractic even exists then). I would be interested to see what the college leadership would say to this idea?

One Free Nonprofit Chiropractic Organization with
One Purpose and One Mission
Committees appointed to Art Science Philosophy …etc can meet and discuss, plan,promote for the highest good and advancement of whole profession from inside out.

We live in a democracy with representation from all parties. And, although party politics often seems to hinder progress, all voices can be heard and when votes are taken and a majority agrees, a national policy emerges. Likewise, the chiropractic profession should have one representative body to include the colleges (senate) and representatives from all the chiropractic associations and societies in every state according to membership (house of representatives). All voices can then be heard and discussed with the majority vote becoming the policy on any one issue. Then the chiropractic profession would be represented to the public based on the decisions of this representative body similar to how the U.S. congress functions now.

1) Focus on public awareness campaigns for optimized utilization of chiropractic for all MSK conditions.
2) Focus on unified expanded scope in all states
3) Focus on Medicare parody and reimbursements for all CPT services provided by DC

Do not expect the private chiropractic colleges to unify the profession. The schools depend on alumni to refer students because they are all tuition dependent. The chiropractic college business model will not permit unification because of the opinions of their alumni. To expect a different outcome after more than a century is insane.

Their are two valid solutions: Chiropractic education within State funded and private universities and a practice act to permits chiropractic providers to function based upon education, clinical training, and credentialing rather than an antiquated scope of practice based upon ideologies or restrictions from political medicine.

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