Topic 13: High Costs of Eldercare

High costs of eldercare

"What can be done to bring down costs for seniors to enable them to participate in chiropractic care services?”

The high costs of healthcare for seniors as well as lack of Medicare parity for the chiropractic profession prevents many seniors from seeking chiropractic services. What can be done to prevent this limitation for many seniors?

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“What can be done to bring costs down for seniors to enable them participate in chiropractic care services?”

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Care cost money. Chiropractic needs to create the best service possible at a reasonable price for doctor and patient, regardless of their age.

I think this question, “What can be done to bring costs down for seniors to enable them participate in chiropractic care services?”is coming at the solution backwards. We know from previous long term studies ( 7 year duration) that the longer a patient is under chiropractic care the lower their medical costs ( hospitalization, in patient and out patient surgeries, medications.) We know that regular long term chiropractic care will lower health care cost significantly. We know that we Chiropractors need to be reimbursed appropriately either directly from the patient or other means. Chiropractic care needs to be given so that health care costs can come down. How do we make this shift in the public and policy holders minds?

The first step is to start at the beginning and think long term – improving access to chiropractic care across the lifespan. The second is to improve messaging on healthy aging and the role of chiropractic.

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