Topic 12: Leadership Within the Profession

Leadership within the profession

"What steps do you think can be taken to promote and nurture strong, cohesive leadership for the chiropractic profession as a whole?”

Many chiropractors who have been practicing for decades are looking to younger DCs to overcome past feuds within the chiropractic profession. Additionally, strong leadership among current DCs is needed to drive the expansion and success of the profession. What steps do you think can be taken to promote and nurture strong, cohesive leadership for the chiropractic profession?

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“What steps do can be taken to promote and nurture strong, cohesive leadership for the chiropractic profession?”

This discussion board community is intended to spark forward-looking discussions, and aid in developing the focal points for interactive events with facilitators. We invite you to share your thoughts and ideas, in a forward-looking manner. Posts that specifically reference or are intentionally divisive and/or overtly negative towards an individual or organization or intended as a barrier-building ‘history lesson’, may be blocked. We thank you for your participation and your thoughtful forward-looking thoughts and insights!


The professional associations and the educational institutions must create rewarding career pathways that generate career satisfaction, respect for the profession, high quality positions with reasonable compensation.

Once the leaders of the profession are the best representation of the populations that we serve, then we could nurture and promote the profession in a very effective manner. The cycle will change no matter where the pressure is added: Educational Institutions–change/improve your recruitment processes to increase the number of minority DC Students nationwide and retain them; offer more scholarships to offset the cost of school. Associations–consider diversifying your speakers lists; also offer scholarships for more minorities within the field; work with other associations to provide additional training for members; promote more research studies to improve the profession as a whole.

Leadership defines your organization. We need chiropractic leaders who have had interdisciplinary experience and still love this crazy hands-on profession. We need people with PhDs and MBAs and philosophy degrees to bring thought and logic into play. We need people with English backgrounds to help us create and market an excellent message. We need more excellent chiropractors with excellent experiences who can sit at the dinner table with other excellent professionals.

Nurturing the next generation of leaders is important for the profession. Engagement in nationally based organizations (Such as COCSA, ICA, FCLB, etc.) can also nurture leadership among mid-career professionals. Fostering servant-centered leadership, mutual respect, and a collaborative mindset is important.

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