Topic 11: Compensation for Chiropractic Care

Compensation for chiropractic care

"What needs to be done to increase compensation for chiropractors?”

Low reimbursement rates and inclusion in government-based health plans as well as lack of Medicare parity are considered by many chiropractors as detrimental to the support and expansion of the chiropractic profession. Some Future Perceptions Survey respondents suggest that cash payments only are the way to go.  What needs to be done to increase compensation for chiropractors?

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“What needs to be done to increase compensation for chiropractors?”

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Chiropractic services are underutilized by those in need of our care with terribly poor compensation because the majority of chiropractic clinicians are in private practice.

Increase it to what? I have been in profession long enough to remember the time before insurance reimbursement when one of our greatest selling points was our affordability. Once insurance came in the discussion suddenly changed to how do we increase reimbursements? Perhaps if we focused more on getting more people under regular chiropractic care, with one tactic being the return to affordable fees, the income piece would take care of itself.

This is a huge problem for our profession. It should be of utmost importance. Chiropractic practitioners should be reimbursed fairly for their time and effort. We should be able to raise families and pay staff. We should have the option for working for medical corporations. Good pay attracts good practitioners.

It is important to map out the issues, identify the facts as they stand in 2021 on compensation rates, compare and contrast to other physician level providers and talk about equity. No profession gets full scope of practice paid for in federal programs, and all get rate cuts; however, when DCs get cut 11% rather than 3 or 4% while having fewer services reimbursed it moves out of the language of parity and into the language of discrimination. It is also about shaping the conversation that is fact filled and accurate in such a way that a policy maker (and elected official) can comprehend and get on board .

As the billing; office manager; wife of the Chiropractor I find it insulting that there are discount companies promoting Chiropractic Discount Cards via some membership to some made-up group that wants yet another piece of the pie even after you have to honor their discounted rate. Between Insurance HSA cards taking 2-4% per transaction and Health Insurances arbitrarily deciding a cap per day amount no matter what services are performed, DCs are not respected but rather treated as a retail industry. After 18yrs of continuing decreasing reimbursements, try as I may, I don’t see an ethical solution. The techniques that really work; decompression, cold laser, shoe orthodics, various therapies and DME are usually denied by insurance. So maybe, the only answer is cash practices and national PSAs type advertising for education and awareness. One can only hope Chiropractors will stop competing with each other and instead unite efforts to raise the entire profession to ethical, no gimmicks, respectful compensation.

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