Topic 10: Educational and Care Standards

Educational and care standards

"Do you think that current educational and care standards are appropriate for the chiropractic profession and if not, what can be done to improve them?”

Many Future Perceptions Survey respondents highlighted the need for improved educational and care standards to combat negative perceptions of substandard care and lack of industry regulation among the public. Cohort group participants pointed to evidence-based research as a way to expand support and legitimacy of chiropractic care. What do you think should be done to improve care and education standards for chiropractic if at all?

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“Describe what you think of the current standards for chiropractic education and care?”

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The expectations by the chiropractic schools are high but the training is not adequate because of a lack of integration into hospitals, health science centers, resident training programs, and scarcity of board certificated chiropractic specialists.

Remember that I am a dinosaur and things may have changed since my graduation in the 1990s. I came out of chiropractic school wishing that I had more real-world experience with real patients. MDs have a graduated exit from student to full-fledged, treating doctors. I would have loved some stages to help me spread my wings. Experience builds confidence. I believe this sort of confidence in our education would help the profession gain expert status.
Chiropractors need to be able to interpret and interact with research. I hope that current students are required to work on a research project during their student time. Medical students get many opportunities and even take semesters off to dedicate themselves to research .
Lastly, chiropractic students and chiropractors need to be able to think deeply about a particular topic. Interested in geriatric care, pre-natal care, nutrition, neurology, exercise physiology? Doctors of chiropractic should be able to pick a sub-specialty as well.

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