Professional Utilization Levels

Respondents were asked to respond to a question about:


“Existing utilization levels remain relatively modest (<10%), with many people not including chiropractic within their healthcare regime. What do you think is the optimal future approach regarding utilization levels of the Chiropractic industry?”

SCALE (1-10):
1 = Focus on retaining existing utilization levels.
10 = Invest extra resources to expand utilization rates.

Key things to note:

  • This data skews strongly to the right-hand side of the continuum, highlighting a desire to move in that direction.
  • This desire Invest extra resources to expand utilization rates has been a repeated theme throughout the visioning and planning work. This focus is seen as critical to the viability of the profession.

Survey respondents were also given the opportunity to provide open ended responses, as to ‘WHY’ they chose that point on the scale.


For more information about the Future of Chiropractic strategic visioning and planning project, please contact:

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