Ranking Strategic Priorities

Survey respondents were asked to rank the following list of potential strategic priorities for the greater chiropractic profession, in order of importance.

Scale: (1 = most important – 14 = least important)

  • Develop a plan for ongoing collaboration across the chiropractic profession
  • Secure third party (Insurance) acceptance and payment equity
  • Secure Medicare/Medicaid inclusion, expansion, and payment equity
  • Develop one unified over-arching voice for the priorities of the chiropractic profession
  • Create broader acceptance and understanding of chiropractic care by the general population
  • Build bridges of inclusion and acceptance with the ‘traditional’ medical field
  • Invest in research
  • Establish a unified legislative agenda
  • Determine evidence-based standards/protocols for treatment
  • Support development of affordable, accredited college programs
  • Incorporate chiropractic degrees into state college and university programs
  • Automate / integrate with insurance systems (claim submissions, authorizations, disputes)
  • Automate data in support of legislative needs, regulatory issues, and research projects
  • Support Federal / State approved and sanctioned scope of practice

Key things to note:

  • Collaboration was a key issue, with the top two potential strategies having a dimension of collaboration, across and within the profession.
  • Stronger Inclusion into the broader healthcare industry is a key priority theme, reflected in several high ranking priorities.


For more information about the Future of Chiropractic strategic visioning and planning project, please contact:

Elizabeth Klein, Executive Director
Congress of Chiropractic State Associations
Phone: (503) 922-2933