Key Drivers - Years in Practice – Cohort Data

This chart presents the result distribution based on Cohorts of respondents, grouped by Years in Practice. Like in the ‘Key Drivers – Average Data’ chart, it combines responses to three questions to create an interactive scatter plot. This visualization shows response data as it relates to all 19 drivers.

Note: Drivers are defined as major events, trends, developments, catalysts or forces that actively influence or cause change. You can identify the driver and the cohort by hovering over each bubble of data. You can also filter out individual drivers by using the filters on the right-hand side.

The chart is structured as follows:

  • X – axis – Nature of Impact (SCALE: -5 = Very Negative; +5 = Very Positive) – NATURE OF IMPACT – Do you think expected changes (over the next 10 years) in each of these drivers, will have a positive or negative impact on the chiropractic profession?
  • Y-axis – Preparedness to adapt to change (SCALE: -5 = Not at all prepared); +5 = Very well prepared)PREPAREDNESS – How well prepared is the chiropractic profession to adapt to changes in these drivers?
  • Size of Circle – Importance of Driver (SCALE: 1 = Not at all important; 10 = Critically important) IMPORTANCE – How important do you think the following drivers are in shaping the future of the chiropractic profession (looking out to 2030)?

Key things to note:

  • Overall, the responses show strong consistency between the cohorts for years in practice. This suggests some strong common views.
  • The drivers associated with Cost of Education, and School Debt / Loan, is an issue that is influenced by years in practice (which probably also correlates strongly with age group). The longer the years in practice, the less troubling these drivers appear to be. (use the Driver filter on right hand side to look at individual or selected drivers).


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