Project Objectives

The project’s objective is to create a five-year sustainability plan for FHRC with an accompanying financial pro forma. The plan will provide a pathway to long-term sustainability consistent with:

  • A mission to proactively identify and respond to opportunities and emerging challenges in the Flint Hills.

  • Review of the long-term viability of the existing mix of programs and services and opportunities in the region, including where there could be a demand for new programs and services. A new revenue source will be identified.

  • Assessment of the stability and modern sensibility of operation of FHRC.

  • Providing effective communication strategies to inform the region and citizens of the FHRC work and benefits.

  • Becoming a resource in grant identification, writing and administration.

  • Promoting in a proactive manner data trends and analyses that define the economic competitiveness and enhanced quality of life for the Flint Hills.

  • Fostering a strong, collaborative and effective partnership with Ft. Riley.