Project Intentions

In August 2021, the Envision East Central Iowa Strategy Committee developed the following set of overarching intensions for the project:

The agreed intention of the East Central Iowa’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy is to:  

  1. Create a common vision that will energize and unite the region around an economic development strategy and its implementation while acknowledging that implementation of the vision may look different in the various areas of the region.
  2. Build economic pathways for success for both businesses and individuals, especially for those who are underrepresented, have significant barriers, or experienced greater harm due to COVID-19.
  3. Embrace, celebrate and leverage our varied and diverse strengths, at both community and regional levels.
  4. Be inclusive of different voices and perspectives.
  5. Identify areas for collaboration on economic development projects, including ways existing assets and institutions can be leveraged for greater success across the region.
  6. Identify success markers to promote collective accountability after plan adoption.


For more information about ECICOG’s CEDS Project, please contact:

Karen M. Kurt, Executive Director ECICOG
East Central Iowa Council of Governments
Phone: (319) 365-9941 Ext. 122