Think-Tank Workshops

The Think-Tank was an exciting step in the strategic planning process for COSCDA!

The Think-Tank Workshop was conducted over in two highly participatory workshop sessions that produced a preferred future scenario validated by its participants.

The scenario-based Think-Tank is a tool to gain better understanding of the priorities and goals that contribute to the creation of effective strategies and actions for COSCDA’s new Strategic Action Plan. A range of plausible future scenarios were developed at the Think-Tank to act as a testing ground to assess resilience and consequences. COSCDA’s new Strategic Action Plan will guide decision-making for the next three years.

Think-Tank Part 1

The first part of the Think-Tank was a day-long session held on Thursday, December 7. The Think-Tank consisted of a presentation of macro trends that could impact the organization, followed by driver identification, build out of the drivers, and ranking of the individual drivers.

Think-Tank Part 2

The second part of the Think-Tank was held in the morning of Friday, December 8. The Think-Tank included scenario narrative development, scenario presentations, plausibility mapping of the Least Desired, Expected, and Preferred Futures for COSCDA, and high-level strategic action brainstorming.