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National Positioning

Respondents were asked to answer this set of questions with the following in mind: Considerable stakeholder input into the strategic planning process over the past five months has identified five Strategic Pillars for the new COSCDA Strategic Action Plan. The Strategic Pillars are the building blocks of the new Strategic Action Plan that will guide organizational decision-making for the next 3 years. We would like to explore your thoughts on the importance of potential action areas under each Strategic Pillar.

National Positioning: Exploring COSCDA’s organizational role and positioning at a national level.

Respondents were asked:
COSCDA is an organization for the states and by states. Its leadership and positioning on a national level in the field of community development is a priority for the organization and its state-wide membership. How important are the following actions to COSCDA’s national positioning? (1 = Not at all important; 10 = Critically important)

Key things to note:

  • Where all of these actions were considered important to national positioning by survey respondents, the most important action was identified as continuing to update the COSCDA website to serve member needs, followed by strengthening current relationships on a Federal level, and equally developing a Communications Plan for COSCDA and finding a way to reengage with groups that have become less involved in the organization over time.
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