Module 3: Think-Tank

McKinney Think-Tank Module 3: Think-Tank

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Approximately 20 City staff and residents participated in Think-Tank Module 3. The Think-Tank began with an overview of the scenario-planning process and an explanation of how the workshop would proceed. Participants were then divided into four breakout groups facilitated by consultant facilitators. Each group was tasked with scoping out their scenario, developing its characteristics and headline news, and creating a name for their scenario. Participants were asked to consider three dimensions while creating their scenario:

  • Consumption patterns and waste types
  • Policy settings and application of technology
  • Waste management systems being utilized

After an hour of break-out group discussion, participants returned to the main room to report out their scenario descriptions and to discuss the plausibility of the scenarios created looking out to 2040. Participants were then asked to take a final Vision Survey and were encouraged to attend the presentation of project’s final visioning results at a virtual Future Summit event on Thursday, May 27th.

Denton’s Solid Waste Management Strategy Scenario Matrix:


For more information about the City of McKinney’s Solid Waste Management Strategy Project, please contact:

Eric Hopes,
City of McKinney

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